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I wanted to share with you why I create and my obsession with creating. I can’t help myself. I have always worked with my hands. My mom was always and still is always creating with thread and needle, wool and knitting, cooking and baking. At 85 she still is working with her hands. She taught by example. My husband is creative with his thinking and numbers, sharing his gift in committee work and for my benefit. He keeps me in fabric. We can be creative by learning new things as well as working with our hands. I think humans are born to create. It is part of our inmost being. We do so everyday in many ways.

Quilt top made for Ronald Mc Donald House

Take the example of a quilter. Anyone who is a quilter knows that nothing much is made in a day. That holds especially true when you are making a bed quilt or an art quilt. For each project they have to go through the follow steps.

1. Choosing the fabric you want to use for the project.

2. Prepping the fabric for cutting. Involving in my case washing and ironing the fabric.

3. Choosing a ready made pattern or thinking up your own pattern.

4. Cutting out all the pieces and organizing the pieces so you don’t lose any and or mix up the pattern.

5. Starting to sew the pieces. This can be one of the longest parts of the process. Sewing the individual pieces to form the block. After the blocks are made join the blocks or add sashing then join the blocks. Make the rows. Piece all the rows. Add borders if it calls for it.

6. And then finally you have a top (flimsy). Then you have to do the next steps of layering the backing, batting, and top to quilt by hand or machine.

This all can seem daunting to the newbie or even an experienced sewist.

Why put ourselves through all that work to make a blanket?

I often ask myself this question and how can explain it to my non quilty friends?

Hobby, passion, feel of the fabric in my fingers, camaraderie with other quilters, satisfaction of creating, or a need to create is just some of my answer.

For me I think I am mostly driven by the need to create that is in me followed by all the other reasons I just came up with. I think we have that inherit need to create. My point is everyone has creativity in them. What do you think?

This can come out in different ways of course. Not everyone makes quilts or sews. Some people may even feel they don’t create. People might garden, do wood working, write stories, other forms of craft or they may create everyday in the form of connections to other humans.

I think that is why it is so difficult in these days of lock down in 2021 we are so struggling with the restrictions in creating connections. We are just not creating our lives in the ways we normally need to do. If you are struggling reach out to a friend in an email or a call. Chances are they may be struggling too. Seek help if you need it. Talk to your Doctor or a mental health call line. Do something different. Get your brain making new connections. Get some resources from your local library. Many have online activities or a service like Creative Bug or Hoopla for free with a library card. Facetime, Zoom, Skype with friends. It is not the same as having them over but at least you see someone new. If you don’t have the energy than challenge your self for 15 minutes. It has been rough. Acknowledge it and keep on trying to stay on the happy side….

What is coming up on the blog? See what I am doing to keep my spirits up. As winter turns to Spring the dye pots will come out. I will share that journey. An online shop will eventually be up to share the bonus of my dye sessions. Even though I would like to I can’t keep it all. lol I will also be sharing to Facebook and Instagram my journey. Leave me a comment I would love to hear from you!