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Covid has made me examine a lot of things. The people, places and things in my life. Grief, a lot of grief, of missing all the people, places and things. Anxiety about the people, places and things. Truth be told I am not missing some things too! and those would be under the same heading of people, places and things. But I am not going to tell you all the things I am not missing.

Instead I am going to tell you how I want to go forward in my life. Going forward I am going to embark on living my life as an adventure. I finally have time (well mostly but that is another story) to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be an Adventurous!

The past months have made me realize I am always looking for an adventure. Waiting for the time for the adventure to come. The next holiday, the next plan, the next visit. With the 2020 situation that must not be named most of our plans changed. I genuinely was sad and grieving. Fortunately I have great support that has pulled me through.

Now everyday will be an adventure. Some might be sad or scary but it will be the way I choose to react that will help.

So enough introspective thoughts. What new will happen? A lot of the same old stuff but in a new way. I have decided I want this blog ongoing to be an Adventure. It is going to be the documentation of my creative self. I am not a sole practitioner of my creative time. What I mean by that is that there won’t be one focus. I get to bored with that. I love to learn so this will be a process driven blog. One of my favourite blogs was And Then We Set It On Fire… sadly after a many year run they have stopped adding to their blog. What I loved about was they shared their process. I might have a few guests drop by and share their work on a topic. Anyone can comment or add to the knowledge I share. You will see the successes and failures kind of like the Wide World of Sports Show we watched as kids. The tag line was the Thrill of Victory and and the Agony of Defeat.

Coming up will be tutorials, experiments, and reflections on many topics. I hope you join me as my new site is built by a talented designer and eventually as I share some work for sale to promote my ongoing experiments.

I have thrown in some pictures as examples just to tempt you. Your responses will fill me up with energy to write more.

Welcome to my blog… 2021 version.